Posted by on August 4, 2014

Refreshing Motion


In the Bible: Acts 3:19 mentions “times of refreshing that will come from the presence of the Lord.” Those times are here and now for you when you address old issues and open up the way for the fresh waters to flow in your life. Genesis 26:14-22 references the Philistines filling the old water wells with dirt and refuse to hinder the flow of fresh water in the land of Israel. It was not until Issac dug out the clogged wells (dealt with the old Philistine issues), and allowed the water to flow out of the wells again that he was refreshed to do his father’s will. Your times of refreshing are ready to flow as well, once you address the old issues, old log-jams, old habits, and old problems. Open up  your heart and address the old pains, hurts, un-forgiveness, and bad habits.  Let the water of life flow for you again for the times of refreshing are here for you.  Let it flow.