Posted by on September 20, 2016

The Power of Being Focused.focusWe live an age when multitasking on our phone while walking, driving, eating, and even conversing with another person face to face, is considered the norm. However, human beings are not wired to do things and accomplish goals with excellence when we are not laser focused on that very goal or thing. When our attention is focused on accomplishing one (1) primary task or goal, we can accomplish anything God has gifted or assigned us to do. Genesis 11:6 and the story of Babel makes it clear that when human beings are laser focused on one task or goal, nothing shall be impossible for us to achieve. Business research for many of the worlds largest corporations also support this theory that being focused on one (1) key goal has at least a 50% higher chance of being accomplished rather than diluting your chances with having 2 or 3 goals.  So as we prepare for 2017, given we will have a new president and new challenges facing us; what is the primary goal or challenge you need to focus on accomplishing ?  Decide now what that one (1) goal or challenge is. Start planning now for 2017 and how you will accomplish your single most important goal or challenge. Start to being focused now!  Laser in on that one (1) key and most important goal. No, not two or three goals , just the one and most important thing you need to accomplish next year. If you take this approach, I guarantee that nothing (no 1 thing) will be impossible for you, because you will have tapped into the Power of Being Focused!