Posted by on March 2, 2014

With all the new maladies and disorders that have been identified lately, there is a spiritual remedy and age old healing balm that is still quite effective today;  Forgiveness! For thousands of years forgiveness has provided the power to heal, deliver and set free those who are willing to put into practice the same behavior that Jesus Christ used to change the world. An ancient example of this healing power is displayed in the first book of the Bible (Genesis), when Joseph forgave his older brothers for the evil they did to him by leaving him to die in a pit and eventually selling him as a slave. When Joseph later rose to power as the second in command in Egypt, in charge of Pharaoh’s wealth and goods, and the eastern world experienced a famine and drought, Joseph’s brothers were forced to travel to Egypt to beg for food to survive. When Joseph revealed himself to his brothers and after his father (Jacob) had died, his brothers feared for their lives, knowing how they had treated Joseph so badly. The brothers said (Genesis 50:17), ” Forgive, I pray thee now, the evil of your brothers, for they did thee evil and now we pray that you would for the evil of the brothers of the God of your father.” What they didn’t realize was the fact that Joseph had already forgiven them and had moved on with his life. This is why the Lord had elevated him to the position he held in Egypt and made him wealthy, healthy and wise. When we learn to forgive, we bless our own lives and bring about healing that impacts our lives spiritually, physically, and mentally. Forgiveness enables us to move on with our lives and positions us to receive the material blessings, peace of mind, and joy in our spirit that God intends for his children to experience. So whoever has done you wrong or has caused evil things to come into your life;  Forgive them and move on. Don’t let someone else’s actions hinder your progress. Forgive them and move on!!   Watch God heal you and bless you spiritually, mentally and physically as you experience “the healing power of Forgiveness.

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