Posted by on March 19, 2013

The blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow with it. (Proverbs 10:22)

To bless means, to invoke divine favor upon. Yet some have not received¬†the blessing that is divine. Yes we may experience a lot of our own “earthly” blessings by hard work, from our parents or simply from things that we made happen.The scripture speaks of the “blessing of the Lord makes rich:” This phrase caused me to ask myself a question? Makes what rich? My initial thought was that this was not talking about money. Then it came to me that Gods blessing comes to make our lives rich with grace, mercy, forgiveness,love,peace,joy,power, and strength. This is what manifests who He is in our nature. Our lives should grow to the point where we are oozing out the richness of God to all we come into contact with. This is the¬†richness of God that brings NO sorrow to others or to ourselves. Our life should cause a stirring in others to love and to do good deeds (Hebrew 10:24). God has sent his divine favor to us and it’s not experienced in a certain place, event or time. It is experienced by walking in the finished work of Jesus Christ. When He thought us to be worthy enough to die for, He also thought us worthy to receive the richness of His life. This is the divine favor that makes us rich and adds no sorrow; this is the sign that He has given us everything we need to be rich in this world that pertains to life and godliness. (2nd Peter 1:3)