Posted by on January 3, 2014

When you look back at 2013 ask yourself these questions:

What has changed? What’s different? What’s new? Did my struggle end? Did everything I prayed for get answered?

The answer may be that some things did change. Some prayers did not get answered. In life it’s not always that your situation or circumstance will change. However, what’s important is that you changed, “YOU HAPPENED,” you have changed, you have grown, you have more clarity, you have more strength, you have more knowledge, and most of all, you have the “Wisdom of GOD” to access every day. A major change happened in 2013. It was not just a year of trails and rough times. “YOU SHOWED UP” and you changed in 2013. You evolved into a consistent prayer warrior and you learned how to intercede and pray the prayer of faith. This change is able to carry you through 2014!!!!!