Posted by on November 7, 2013

If you had the opportunity to ask for one item, one experience, one dimension that could be given to you or added to your life, to enhance your career, revive your relationships, or enable you to live more comfortably; what would you ask for ? Some would ask for a new home, others may ask for restored health, or maybe a Billion dollars. But how many would consider asking for the simplest thing that can radically change and renew our lives and relationships; a daily personal prayer life with the creator of the universe? This request may not seem to make much sense to many because the other items seem to add so much value to our lives today.  However, the leaders who have been most impactful down through the ages (Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham, Moses, Buddha), all had a personal prayer life and relationship with the creator of the universe. Material things were not most important in their lives, but personal prayer and meditation was key for each of them to become the persons they became. In each case,hundreds of years after their deaths (only one is still alive :), their words and actions are impacting lives for the good. Why, because they had money, fortune, fame?  No, but they had a personal prayer life wth God and that relationship led to them becoming great leaders to help mankind. So takes some time and ask the creator to give you that personal prayer life and relationship with Him. If you take five minutes to do this, you will be on your way to a renewed life. It will blossom into a daily prayer time where you speak to Him and He speaks to you,and before you realize it, your life will be renewing to impact others for the good. So take five minutes at home and stay, to get alone with God and pray, He will show you the way, to renew your life today.