Posted by on August 6, 2016

Perseverance is the Key to Victory!  Philippians 3:13,14 “One thing I will do: I will forget what is behind and attempt to reach with all my strength toward what is ahead. I press toward the high call of God which is in Christ Jesus.”  All of us have goals, some expressly stated and some unrevealed and held within. The reality is, none of us are everything we should be. However we all have the opportunity each day we awaken to achieve those goals because God has given each of us strength and knowledge to do something great. This can happen every day if we persevere and don’t give up so easily. Daily achievements in sports, education, government, business, family, media, and social services can all be accomplished if we don’t give up. Perseverance means: we keep on pressing, even if we have to slow down and asked for help, we keep on pressing until we get to the finish line. So remember, God is with you, He will strengthen and keep you; so keep moving toward your finish line, Perseverance is your key to Victory!