Posted by on January 4, 2015

At the beginning of each New Year no one truly knows what will happen throughout the year. There are always hopes that this will be a better and more prosperous year than the previous year, but there are also fears that the same things that hindered progress last year will prevail again in the New Year. As we enter 2015 one thing is sure: Some things will get better and some things will get worse!! Gas prices continue to go down in early 2015 but you can be guaranteed the price of some other commodity will go up. However, one thing is for sure in 2015: GOD HAS NOT GIVEN US THE SPIRIT OF FEAR… (II Timothy 1:7),so any fears you have from previous failures, weaknesses, etc., from past years have not come from Him. God does not want us to fear stepping out into new territory and trying new things in 2015. He’s given  the power, the ideas, and His love to accomplish anything we set our minds to do. Don’t be hindered by the fears of previous years or the failures of the past. The New Year is an opportunity to look at all things with a new perspective and go forward with the power and confidence that God gives us to overcome the fears and doubts of the past. So go forward into 2015 boldly with your new ideas and new plans. Realize the fact that any fears you have are not from God; He’s only given you what you need to succeed this year. That’s consists of His Love, His Power, and His Ideas (II Timothy 1:7).  Happy New Year!!