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Most people of faith who are Christian, Jewish, or devoted to various other religions, and are familiar with the Bible don’t realize or acknowledge how much the Bible actually teaches on the practice of Meditation. All through the Bible meditation was taught as a form or devotion and worship to move people away from their earthly problems, fears, and issues, to get them focused on the living God who created us and is able to sustain our Body, Mind and Spirit here on this planet.

In the first book of the Bible (Genesis), after God created man and woman, they had a perfect relationship with God in the paradise called ” the Garden of Eden.” But even then, similar to today, satan found a way to interrupt that perfect relationship and cause man and woman to be distracted and not focused on God our creator. Every since the beginning of human existence on this planet there have been distractions (like satan and his lies), to make it difficult for men and women to focus (meditate) on their relationship with our creator.

All meditation is (from a Biblical perspective),  is thinking about continually and focusing on God our creator:  thinking about who He is, what He’s done for us, what He has said (The Bible), how we should treat and interact with others, and what we should be doing in our lives from day-to-day. If we can practice focusing on God, His Word, and His ways all the time, we are practicing MEDITATION.

Psalms 1; vs 1 and 2 read;  Blessed is the man who does not walk according to the ungodly,nor stands in the way of sinners, nor desires to do or be around scandalous people.  But his pleasure and desire is to walk in the ways of the Lord and these ways will he MEDITATE ON all day and all night.  

We will continue on this subject as a part of our series on MEDITATION.  Until then, be blessed as you meditate on God and His Words….

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