Posted by on October 12, 2014

Guard-heart“The things that enter a person through the mouth go into the stomach and exit out of the bowels. However, the things that flow out of the mouth come from the heart and these are the things that defile a man (Matthew 15:17-18.)”  There is much emphasis today on the proper way to  look, act, speak, and do things.  However, nothing we can do or say will, in and of itself, have a positive or negative impact on our lives. It’s the things that flow our of our heart that have the most impact on our lives. In his endless dialog with the religious leaders of his day, Jesus of Nazareth constantly educated his disciples on the fact that outward actions were not enough to improve one’s life. He always emphasized the importance of having a relationship with God, so that He could cultivate our hearts to live like Him and to always do the right thing to edify our neighbors, friends and relatives. It is my prayer that the readers of this blog learn the important lesson of guarding your heart. This is accomplished by forging a constant and daily relationship with God;  Allowing Him to be involved in all of life’s decisions so as to cause Him to flow out of your heart and positively impact all of your life decisions. So be diligent to guard your heart by inviting God to be involved all of your daily decisions. You will soon discover that a daily relationship with God will not only help your heart by involving God in your daily decisions, but it will improve your life. By guarding your heart the wisdom and knowledge of God to flow out of your life. God promises improvements in decision making,  relationships, interactions with others; all because you have cultivated your relationship with God, by guarding your heart.