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In 2013, each week unveils a new national dilemma either here in the United States of America or in some other country around the world. As we prepare to  celebrate our nations’ 237th birthday, we still struggle with the effects of racism, espionage, financial instability and government gridlock. When we look around the world, we continue to see social unrest in Africa, civil war in the Middle East, financial instability in Europe and political unrest in Asia. We need to get a good understanding of what’s really going on.In the Bible, the book of Job describes a good and upright man (Job), who within the space of 24 hours lost his wealth and family, and shortly thereafter lost his health as well. This was truly a dilemma that neither he, his friends or family could figure out. How could this happen?  Why do bad things happen to good people?  Why do problems and circumstances arise that cause so much confusion in our families, our country and the world at large ???  These are questions that Job did not understand, his friends did not understand, nor could his family understand. A dilemma similar to the confusing issues we deal with everyday in our nation and in the nations around the world.

What we must do in these situation and in these times is “Get a good Understanding of what’s really going on.”   Instead of going through a long drawn out discourse like Job and his friends did from Job Chapter 3 through Chapter 37( and similar to today’s news broadcasts and political pundits), we should learn from one verse in the book Job; 42:3 “Who is this that obscures counsel without knowledge? Therefore, I have spoken about things that I did not understand, things to great for me to understand.”    It is important that we learn to understand (as Job finally did after his long discourse with his friends) that God Almighty is in control of all things. There are many things that we will never fully understand, and that’s okay. As long as we understand that our life, here and eternally, and our health and well-being is in the hands of the Almighty God. Regardless to the dilemmas we face, the creator of the universe is able to sustain us, our nation and all who look to Him.  If you have a good understanding of what’s going on, you’ll know that God is in control and He is able to manage the world He created.  So don’t worry, just trust and understand that God is in control and He’s able to take care of you! (by the way, Job went on to live another 140 years, had 10 more children, regained twice as much wealth and lived to see his grandchildren. He got a good understanding :).

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