Posted by on April 5, 2014

Last month’s blog focused on forgiveness. One of the fruits of forgiveness is freedom. Once we learn how to truly forgive those who have wronged us, we are free to move on with our lives. We become free to live more abundantly, free to experience and achieve new and greater things, and free to receive all that God has planned for us while here on earth.

In the same biblical story referred to in our previous blog: (Genesis chapters 42-50), Joseph forgave his brothers and moved on with his life. God blessed him and elevated him to be the second in command of all northern Africa (the Egyptian Kingdom). At the same time, Joseph’s brothers had been in bondage for the many years after wronging their brother and now had come to a place of famine in their lives. The mighty famine that hit the middle eastern world forced Joseph’s brothers to come down to Egypt for food to survive. Their hearts were open to conviction and once they forgave themselves for the wrong they had done to their brother, it opened the way for freedom and a new life in Egypt, being reunited with Joseph. The famine was God’s way of bringing the sons of Israel back together and creating the opportunity for true freedom in their lives. They had been in bondage for their sin and conviction from un-forgiven sins against their brother. However, as soon as they forgave themselves of the wrong they committed against their brother, they were free to experience a new and better life in Egypt.

So if there is anything you need to forgive someone for or if you simply need to forgive yourself, go ahead and free yourself. Once you forgive you will be free to experience a new and more abundant life. Go ahead, forgive and be Free!

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