Posted by on April 15, 2016

GifsTLTThe world is in need of the gifts and talents we all have been given by God. If you think that the world around us is only blessed by the gifts of the wealthy and the talented who we see and hear in the media, you should think more deeply about this. We all have been gifted with some skill, talent or ability.

Some people are gifted with physical talents (athletes), some are gifted with mental gifts ( thinkers, creators), some are gifted with spiritual talents (inspirational and encouraging people), and some have natural skills to make things, build things, etc..  We all have one or more gifts, and they all come from God (James 1:17). Therefore, we all should have a game plan to be ready to use these gifts when the opportunity arises. (James 1:19) describes how we can cultivate or develop our gifts, whatever they are, so we can be a blessing to all we come into contact with. We need to be always ready to Listen; Very slow to speak or comment; Very slow to get angered or aroused. These are the tools to position us to truly be a gift to all we come into contact with. These skills of Listening, Quietness, and Self Control must be practiced at all times. We must cultivate our gifts by using these tools when we are working and around other people. Our gifts have been given to bless this world. Cultivate them each day by taking time to Listening, Learning, and Controlling ourselves. Thank God for your wonderful gift !!!