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Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

The gospel according to Matthew, verse 5:5 gives one of the blessings Jesus pronounced over his followers in the well-known “Sermon on the Mount.”  He said ” Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”  When most people think of being meek, they think it’s synonymous with being weak, low-keyed, mild, calm, and somewhat helpless. But these views are far from the truth that Jesus sought to convey in his sermon. Jesus’ pronounced that blessings and an earthly inheritance would be to those who are “meek;”   Meek in the sense that a person has a “teachable disposition.”  What this means is one’s attitude is such that you are open to learn, you have a spirit that is moldable to God’s ways. If you are open to learn each day and can allow your spirit and mind to be molded daily into the image of Christ, you are a candidate to be blessed to do and have anything this earth has to offer. So be meek, teachable, ready to learn something from every person you interact with and every one of your daily experiences. You will then experience what it is to be truly “meek” and develop the mind of Christ. As an added bonus, you will be in position to inherit all the good things God has made for us on this earth.  Be meek, be blessed!


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