Posted by on May 16, 2016

Playing keyboard with big toe Guild B-301 Bass...

Playing keyboard with big toe Guild B-301 Bass Guitar Yamaha Automatic Bass Chord System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is one thing I am sure of: we all have been gifted by God to offer something to this world. If you are alive and can only wiggle your big toe, that wiggling big toe is a gift for someone or for some purpose. It may not bless everyone, but I’m positive God’s glory will shine through your big toe to bless someone.

We talked previously about cultivating or developing our gifts. More importantly, once cultivated, we must put our gifts to use to bring about blessings to others. Our gifts and talents only fully manifest God’s blessings when we must put them into practice. For faith to encourage, we must speak it;  for wisdom and knowledge to inspire, we must put them into practice; for our skills of manufacturing or building things to enhance our lives, we must put them to work. As the old hymn “Trust and Obey” suggests;  we must trust, believe and thank God for his blessings, but we must also, “obey” by putting into practice those things he has gifted us to do.

“But we never can prove, the delights of His love until all on the altar we lay. For the favor He shows and the Joy He bestows, are for them who will Trust and Obey”   “Trust and Obey for there’s no other way To be happy in Jesus, But to trust and obey”   Get busy, wiggling that toe; use your gifts!