Posted by on February 17, 2016


Spiritual -Growth 2016

2016 is off to an exciting start and we have determined to have a new perspective for our lives as we grow and develop in our relationship with God by the power of His Holy Spirit. There are three basic (3) steps we must take to guarantee growth in our relationships with God and with others in 2016. The Gospel according to Mark chapter 9 details an interesting story where the disciples of Jesus worked to deliver a man’s young son from the bad influences that hindered his life, speech and mobility

Mark 9:14-29.  They tried to help the young boy numerous times, but each time his condition got worse. The situation did not improve and they did not grow in their understanding of God until they:

  1. Get in the presence of the Lord.
  2. Asked for help and direction from the Lord.
  3. Put into practice the teachings the Lord requires.

These were the requirements needed to set the young boy free from his demons. These are the same 3 steps needed to free us from any demons we face in 2016 and the steps that will enable us to grow in 2016. We must: 1. Make it our business to get in the presence of God regularly. Whether it be church, family, friends, community;  get in God’s presence and let him show you how to live and be more like Him. We must: 2. Make sure we are asking God for guidance and direction as to what we should be doing and how to do it. One way to do this is regular prayer. Have a regular dialogue with Jesus. He will show you how and what to do. We must: 3. Put into practice those things that will help us be a better person and empower us to do His will. Mark 9:29 says we must practice prayer and fasting to grow. These are a few of the “growth requirements for 2016.” We will learn more in 2016 as we invite him into every situation that we face this year. Grow and be blessed in 2016.